Les Petits Chanteurs À La Croix De Bois China Tour Nov.2016

For those of you who don’t like me blogging about PCCBs:

This is a personal blog. And if you don’t like it, just don’t visit the blog. Because what I post here is for friends only.  And I think the boys and their parents would like to see the photos.

And for those of you who think that I go to every concert of PCCBs:

No, I can not go to any of their concert because I’m currently in USA. And I go back to China once a year.

The photos are contributed by my friends. And I’m very grateful for that. This blog won’t even exist without so many lovely fans of PCCBs in China.


The programme is basically the same as the programme in May.

Berceuse (Soloists: Benjamin E and Marin)

Te Deum Guarani – Nella Fantasia (Soloist: Marin)

Mille Colombes (Soloist: Martin)

Pourquoi! (Soloist: Martin)

L’Esperance (Soloist:Paul-Marie)

Kalinka (Soloist:Paul-Marie)

Dili Dili (Soloist: Marin)

Duo Des Chats (Soloist:Benjamin E and Marin)

Concert in Tangshan

Photos from my friends Jill and Robbie.🙂


Concert in Dongguan, Nov. 17

The photographer told me that he enjoyed the two cats sang by Martin !

Concert in Changsha

photo contributed by Cynric Z

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Vienna Boys Choir (Brucknerchor) China Tour 2016



from programme booklets in Hong Kong


  • Gloria (Vivaldi)
  • Laudamus te (Vivaldi)
    • Soloists: Jeongmin(Soprano), Robert (Soprano), Matthew (Alto) and Ryusei(Alto)
  • Tenebrae factae sunt (Victoria)
  • Der Gondelfahrer (Schubert)
  • Contrappunto bestiale alle mente (Banchieri)
  • Duetto Buffo per due gatti (Rossini)
    • Soloists: Jeongmin, Matthew, Ryusei and Philipp
    • helene01

      The Four Cats

  • La carita(Rossini)
  • Easter Hymn(Mascagni)
  • Fly, thought, on wings of gold (Verdi)
  • Where the lemons blossom (Strauss)

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St. Florianer Sängerknaben in Beijing and Tianjin, August 2016

The St. Florianer Sängerknaben from Austria gave several concerts in China. Two programmes were prepared for the tour. But one of the programme was only performed in Shanghai.


Autographing sessions were held for all the concerts except Beijing. (again )


This is the second China tour of the Choir. Last time was around 2008. Alöis was an amazing boy soprano. He is now a countertenor.


Programme (sorry in Chinese only)


Programme in Shanghai.(Source: 上海东方艺术中心微信公众号)


Photos from Tianjin and Beijing concert

by me and my friends


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Boni Pueri concert in Beijing and Guangzhou, 2016


Poster of “Buni Pueri” in Guangzhou

Boni Pueri sang for the Chinese leader Chairman Xi before. During their tour, they held press conferences in Beijing and Shanghai. Unfortunately, fans were not invited. They also brought their new CD and held photographing session for fans. But they don’t have those in Beijing.


They claim that this is their first China tour. But they have been to China at least twice. Those concert tickets were not for sell.


Boni Pueri is more like a “show choir” than a traditional boy choir. Their performance has beautiful light effects and dances.


Photos from Guangzhou Concert


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Augsburger Domsingknaben China Tour August 2016 奥格斯堡大教堂少年合唱团2016年中国巡演

Since I started this blog just to post photos, I only used English for blogging. But a lot of people told me to keep on writing this blog. I’ve decided to post everything in both English and Chinese.


We went to a concert of Augsburger Domsingknaben in Tangshan Poly Theatre today. And we’ll go to the next concert in Handan tomorrow. There was no programme booklets provided, so I’ll just write what I can recall.


The boys from Augsburger Domsingknaben sang all the three parts of “Drei Knaben” from Mozart’s the magic flute. Very unique voice and quite different from the Tölzers.



“Drei Knaben” 三仙童

The also performed several songs by the Strauss family, including “An der schönen blauen Donau” and Tritsch Tratsch Polka with only treble voices.


The boys walked down the stage and sang the “O la, o che buon eco”. I’ve heard this song in old LPs performed by PCCB and WSK. This is the first time that I hear this song in a concert hall.

几个小朋友还走下台唱了 “O la, o che buon eco” 我在 PCCB和WSK的老唱片里都听过这首歌。但是现场听还是第一次。


Some photos from the concert.

You can click the picture to view the large image.

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The All-American boys Chorus in Beijing, July 28

The all-american boys chorus from USA gave a free concert in a school called Keystone Academy.

all the boys came out to meet the audience after the concert.

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Les Petits Chanteurs de Sainte-Croix de Neuilly Concert in Beijing, July 16.

A French choir Les Petits Chanteurs de Sainte-Croix de Neuilly (PCSCN) held two concerts in Beijing at July 16. I went to both of them.One of the concert was filmed by CCTV and will be broadcasted after the tour.

The Program




Autographed CD booklets from PCSCN

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